Affordable Places to Eat and Visit in Bangkok -Markets, Cafes, Restaurants and More

Welcome to the vibrant and diverse world of Bangkok, where the culinary scene is as rich and varied as the city itself. In this guide, we’ll take you on a captivating journey through affordable places to eat in Bangkok, spanning from the bustling morning markets to the alluring night markets, charming cafes to delectable restaurants, humble school canteens to free co-working spaces. Get ready to explore not just the city’s incredible cuisine but also the culture, experiences, and hidden gems that make each dining adventure in Bangkok a memorable one. Join me as we uncover the heart and soul of Bangkok, one delicious bite at a time.

Morning Markets

As the sun rises over Bangkok, the city awakens to a symphony of scents and flavours. Immerse yourself in the vibrant morning markets and begin your day with culinary delights:

Silom Square Market

Silom Square Market

Nestled within Silom’s bustling streets, Silom Square Market beckons with affordable local market fare. Opening its doors from 6 am to 8 pm daily, this culinary hotspot serves up an array of Thai delights, from pad krapow to pad thai and Thai milk tea. Particularly lively during office lunch hours, arrive early to secure a seat and enjoy the lively atmosphere. A helpful tip: Dress lightly, as the market’s warmth can make you drenched in sweat. Today I ordered Braised Pork with Rice and Thai Iced Milk Tea.

Phetchaburi Soi 10

Stretching along Phetchaburi Soi 10, this locale boasts an assortment of local food stalls and an outdoor market, offering a glimpse into the neighbourhood’s culinary identity. You can come here anytime of the day and you will surely find food here.

At Ouan Pangping Nomsod (Phetchaburi 10), you can try their charcoal toasted bread with wide variety of milk tea to choose from. Opens 6:30AM – 4:30AM daily.

Phetchaburi Soi 5Pe Aor Tom Yum Kung Noodle

For an unforgettable tom yam experience, venture to Pe Aor Tom Yum Kung Noodle. Renowned for its mouthwatering tom yam noodles, this gem demands an early arrival due to its lunchtime popularity. Don’t miss the chance to savour their irresistible seafood tom yum kung noodle. I highly recommend their Seafood Tom Yum Kung Noodles.

Street Food and Local Shops

Convent Road

You can visit Convent road for street food and local shops from lunch to supper timings. During office lunch hour you can find many office workers here getting their lunch because of its affordability and convenience.

The average food price is around 60THB for rice or noodle meal, though some stores might charge you tourist price, you can just walk away to other stores offering similar options at local pricing. Note, a street food Pad Kra Pao is around 70THB, I was quoted 100THB at one of the store and decided to try something else.

Just across the road you will find all your alcohol, clubbing and bars.

Only 5 minutes walk from Sala Daeng BTS Station to Convent Road.

ก๋วยจั๊บ สีลม 30ปี – Fresh Sliced Fish Soup

Also along Convent Road, ก๋วยจั๊บ สีลม 30ปี beckons with its Fresh Sliced Fish Soup with Rice. The delectable freshness of the fish is certain to have you coming back for seconds. It was so good that I came back a few times.

Hai Som Tam Convent

Just a few stores beside, my Thai friend brought me to try their Som Tam, Thai Papaya Salad, Chicken, Seafood Glass Noodles and Sticky Rice. Food is good, well loved by locals. They are famous for their Thai Papaya Salad.

Ratchathewi Station: A Supper Street Food Extravaganza

From 6 pm to midnight, Ratchathewi Station’s vicinity transforms into a bustling street food haven. A variety of 10 stalls offer freshly cooked-to-order street food, making it a perfect dinner or supper spot. Some stores might be super packed with locals, come early to secure a seat! My favourite is the claypot seafood at 200THB.

Night Markets

Under the enchanting night sky, Bangkok’s night markets beckon with an array of delights. Discover the allure of these bustling night bazaars:

Dinner at Chinatown With my Italian Backpacking Friends

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Chinatown in Bangkok beckons with a captivating allure, as neon lights illuminate the night sky and culinary treasures beckon at every turn. Immerse yourself in its vibrant streets, savor the alluring aromas, and revel in the harmonious blend of Thai and Chinese flavors.

Enjoy a variety of Seafood, Chinese, Thai, Shark Fin Soup, Durian, Dim Sum, Bird Nest Desserts, and many more. It is best if you can travel as a group as there are so many food to choose from.

Nam Sing Restaurant

One of my Chinatown favourite is to eat Spicy Chilli Crab, Meaty Shark Fin Soup, and Abalone at Nam Sing.

Hua Seng Hong Restaurant

If you are craving for Hong Kong’s Dim Sum you should check this place out! Their dim sums are fresh and steaming hot. I ordered Duck with Egg Noodles, fried Dim Sums and Shrimp Dumplings. This place only accepts cash.

Check out my Chinatown video below:

Chatuchak Night Market

As twilight descends, Chatuchak Night Market in Bangkok comes alive, morphing into a dynamic blend of fashion and culinary delights. Boasting more than 15,000 stalls, the market showcases stylish clothing and distinctive accessories, catering to fashion aficionados. Amid the vibrant ambience, relish in the delights of Thai street food, savoring succulent skewers and tempting desserts.

You will definitely find something that fits your food budget, 60THB per plate of main dish.

This place is hot, dress light and drink lots of fluids. Opens daily, except on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Jodd Fairs Night Market

Credit: Jodd Fairs – Facebook

Easily accessible via the Phra Ram 9 MRT, Jodd Fair Night Market boasts an impressive sprawl of stalls, showcasing an array of culinary delights and fashionable finds. As the sun sets, the market springs to life, inviting exploration of its vast expanse. Engage in a treasure hunt for fashionable clothing, accessories, and unique knick-knacks, all while immersing yourself in the bustling energy that defines this beloved market.

This location offers better ventilation compared to Chatuchat Market, and it also provides delightful spots where you can sit under the open sky and savor your meal.

Opens daily from 4pm – 12 midnight.

Cafes to visit in Bangkok:

For moments of tranquillity, Bangkok’s cafes provide an escape from the city’s hustle. Explore two charming havens that combine elegance and gastronomy:

Brioche from Heaven: A Slice of France in Bangkok

Every visit to Brioche from Heaven offers a glimpse of picturesque French charm. Adorned with French architectural flair, this café captures hearts.

You’ll have the opportunity to witness numerous passersby stopping here to capture photographs of its striking exterior.

I strongly recommend their freshly baked Croissants, Caramel Brioche, and refreshing Lemon Drink.

Check out my video on this cafe:

True Love at Neverland Husky Cafe

Perfect for animal lovers and those seeking an extraordinary adventure, this cafe is more than just a place to enjoy a cup of coffee. It’s a sanctuary where connections with huskies turn into cherished memories. Whether you’re seeking a playful escapade, a memorable photo-op, or a unique coffee break, True Love at Neverland Husky Cafe promises an unforgettable experience that celebrates the magic of human-canine companionship. This place is really clean and tidy.

Photo taking session in 3s, so if you are going alone, they will pair you with other people. These huskies are quite heavy when they land on your back.

Entry fee is 350THB/person ehich includes 1 drink and footcover to enter the viewing area. Opens daily from 11:30am to 6pm.

Samyan Mitrtown

With my fellow backpacking friends

Situated adjacent to Chulalongkorn University, Samyan Mitrtown pulses with youthful vitality, making it one of the vibrant places to eat in Bangkok. This dynamic hub seamlessly combines modernity and practicality, catering to a diverse range of tastes and preferences.

The sprawling complex boasts a flagship-sized Muji store, an expansive top-floor food court where dishes average between 60-70 THB, and an array of restaurants and shopping opportunities.!1m18!1m12!1m3!1d3387.6684620899355!2d100.52404750664094!3d13.736235398962465!2m3!1f0!2f0!3f0!3m2!1i1024!2i768!4f13.1!3m3!1m2!1s0x30e298d55b6099b5%3A0xe4f4cc8ef569d83f!2sSamyan%20Mitrtown!5e0!3m2!1sen!2s!4v1693898989068!5m2!1sen!2

C asean Samyan CO-OP –
Free Co Working Space

A standout gem within is the C asean Samyan CO-OP, an oasis for students and digital nomads seeking a 24-hour co-working space complete with essential amenities like AC plugs and vending machines.

The atmosphere hums with the energy of university students engrossed in their studies, some even burning the midnight oil with their books as companions.

Accessing this bustling haven is a breeze. Download and register through the MITR app, and for one-time verification, present your passport to the accommodating staff. While the absence of free Wi-Fi may be a drawback, a dependable AIS unlimited plan ensures uninterrupted connectivity.

Do keep in mind that Samyan Co-Op can get rather crowded, particularly on Fridays and weekends. Nonetheless, it remains an appealing destination for students to study outside of school.

Chulalongkorn University

If you yearn to travel back in time and relive your university days, a visit to Chulalongkorn University should be on your list of places to visit in Bangkok. This sprawling campus exudes old-school charm, adorned with beautiful Thai designs that capture the essence of the country’s culture.

Within the expansive campus, you will get to explore multiple student canteens offering budget-friendly meals that harken back to your student days. Indulge in options like curry rice (1 rice, 3 side dishes at around 40 THB), sip on student’s favourite Iced Thai milk tea, and satisfy your sweet tooth with a variety of snacks and desserts.

Venture into the university’s library, where you’ll find ample seating and convenient AC points, creating a perfect atmosphere for studying or simply immersing yourself in nostalgia. During my visit, the campus exuded a tranquil ambiance, likely due to a school holiday week.

To make your journey even more convenient, hop on the free campus shuttle bus, which seamlessly transports you from the campus to the nearby Siam Paragon dropoff point.

However, as the day turns into night, the campus tends to quiet down significantly. I decided to depart around 7 pm, as the campus becomes quite desolate, with little to explore except for the diligent security guides.

Siam Square

In the daytime, Siam Square allures visitors with its eclectic mix of places to eat in Bangkok and shopping delights. However, as the sun dips below the horizon, this bustling district undergoes a remarkable metamorphosis into a vibrant hub of nocturnal entertainment, filled with live music, captivating performances, and an invigorating youthful atmosphere.

Siam Square boasts an array of small fashion boutiques, trendy cafes, and enticing restaurants that are adored by the city’s university students. The dynamic energy that courses through this area after dark makes it an ideal destination for those seeking not only delectable dining experiences but also a lively cultural immersion. Whether you’re in pursuit of the latest fashion trends or craving an exquisite culinary adventure, Siam Square embraces visitors with open arms, promising a memorable journey through Bangkok’s vibrant dining and shopping scene.

During Pride Day, this vibrant area is closed to traffic, paving the way for a remarkable Pride Event that leaves an indelible mark on attendees. The atmosphere is electrifying, with exhilarating performances that captivate the hearts of all who gather. It’s a day when Bangkok proudly embraces everyone, regardless of their background, creating an atmosphere of unity and acceptance that is as heartwarming as it is inspiring. It’s a testament to Thailand’s commitment to inclusivity and the celebration of diversity, adding an extra layer of richness to the culinary tapestry of Bangkok.

As my journeys unfold, my circle of friends expands! Cheers to the Hostel Life!

Restaurants to visit in Bangkok:

A Ramen ราเมงข้อสอบ

Explore the flavors of Japan at A Ramen ราเมงข้อสอบ, an exquisite ramen retreat amid Bangkok’s bustling cityscape. This eatery grants you the unique opportunity to craft your personalized bowl of ramen, ensuring a culinary adventure tailored to your preferences.

For those with a penchant for spice 🌶️, the menu offers a spice level customization ranging from 1 to 7. I opted for soft noodles, paired with a mild spice level 1, complemented by the delightful addition of garlic and onions—an exceptional combination.

Stepping into the restaurant, you’ll find an ambiance reminiscent of Japan’s renowned Ichiran Ramen. The decor and layout transport you to the heart of Japan, enhancing your dining experience with authenticity.

Best part is this place opens 24 Hours!

Gold Curry at Chong Nonsi

For those with a hankering for Japanese tonkatsu, Gold Curry Chong Nonsi is a must-visit among places to eat in Bangkok. Indulge in the irresistible tonkatsu curry, a masterpiece of tender fried pork paired harmoniously with a refreshing highball.

Nestled in this charming eatery, you’ll discover a diverse array of curry options. With five different meal sizes, even the smallest portion boasts generous servings. The expertly prepared rice forms a perfect base for the star of the show—the succulent and juicy fried pork. Its golden, crunchy batter is a testament to expert frying, ensuring a delightful texture in every bite. To elevate your dining experience, don’t miss the chilled, revitalizing green tea—it complements the curry exquisitely.

Conveniently situated below the Chong Nonsri BTS station, this gem offers accessibility for eager food adventurers.

As you’ve explored in this guide, Bangkok isn’t solely about the food; it’s about the people, the culture, and the experiences that enrich each meal. Whether you’re relishing a steaming bowl of noodles in a bustling market or savouring coffee in a tranquil cafe, you’re not merely satisfying your taste buds; you’re immersing yourself in the very soul of Bangkok. Therefore, on your next visit, allow the vibrant and budget-friendly places to eat in Bangkok to serve as your pathway to the heart of this enchanting city. Here, every morsel narrates a tale, and every dining experience is a jubilation of life.

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